We were watching an emotionally moving movie the other night and it made me think of all the movies or videos I have seen over the years that affected me. When I was a teenager, a movie about missionaries was one tool God used to prompt me to yield my future to Christ. I’ve never regretted that decision, and God used the message from a story to accomplish that.  

Those of us who are visual learners know the power of a well-produced video. The kind that stays with you and makes you evaluate some things in your own heart and life. This is one area that has been so helpful to me, I wanted to harness it to help others find the healing and hope they’re desperately searching for after loss. In case you weren’t aware, our family launched the GodPrints YouTube Channel  last fall, where our family shares our story and provides viewers with tips to apply the principles in their own lives. We discuss how to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation after a tragic event, which are commonly asked questions. 

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