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Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life


I will not forget the many ways this book has blessed me…


Jenny’s words resonate so deeply…


[Jenny points] the way to a Colossians 3:12-type peace…

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No. No. No. The state troopers had finally figured out where Jacob was—the morgue. Would we lose Caleb too? Oh, God. Please, no. We can’t lose them both in one night.

Having survived stage 4 cancer, Jenny Leavitt thinks she’s endured the greatest test of her life. Little does she know that her worst nightmare is still to come. In a single moment, a collision with a drunk driver takes the life of her seventeen-year-old son and leaves her remaining son clinging to life with catastrophic injuries. Jenny and her husband, Myron, never intended to walk this road through the valley of the shadow of death, but life often doesn’t work out the way we plan. 

Jenny’s life experiences have positioned her as a reluctant expert on sorrow, the pains of life, and battling hell with all you’ve got. But in those shattered places, she finds evidence that God still had his hands on her life. Join Jenny on the dark road with a faithful God who is true to His word in times of joy and times of testing.

You’ll see his GodPrints everywhere. 

GodPrints is a story from the heart of Jenny Leavitt. From the Prologue to the end of the book, you will be drawn into the pain, the questions and the tragedy of Jenny’s story. Yet she seeks the Lord in all things and shows how she lived through one of life’s greatest heartbreaks; the death of a child.
But along the way to this tragedy, you will be amazed at the resilience, the tenacity, and the many things that Jenny endured in her life. Yet she comes back smiling and encouraging others daily. She sees the fingerprints of God, or GodPrints, as she calls them, everywhere.
Donna T., Early Reader of GodPrints


“If you’d like to persevere in your faith in the midst of life’s battles, find purpose in pain, or forgiveness for inflicted wounds, this book will be an essential step in experiencing healing and peace. Jenny’s story is one of deep, abiding faith in grief and struggles. She even lightens some heavy topics with bits of humor. I appreciated the authenticity of Jenny’s writing and vulnerability of her shared journal entries. I will not forget the many ways this book has blessed me.”

Penny Cooke, Award-winning author of Pursuing Prayer—Being Effective in a Busy World

“Each one of us will experience hardships throughout our time on earth. Jenny’s words resonate so deeply with my story and the story of so many. Eventually, we are hopefully able to see God’s hand working somehow in our broken stories. Let this book be your guide.”

Katherine Wolf, co-founder of Hope Heals

“This is a beautifully written and deeply touching book by Jenny Leavitt that will greatly bless and comfort you in helping you see GodPrints even in the trials and sufferings of our lives. Highly recommended!”

Rev. Dr. Siang-Yang Tan, Senior Professor of Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Senior Pastor Emeritus, First Evangelical Church Glendale, and author of Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective (2nd ed.)

“Whatever difficulty you may be going through in your life, read this book and you will know you will get through it. Jenny describes horrible suffering and heartache and how God helped her through. Keep your faith. Well written and encouraging.”

Jill Roman Lord, Award-winning author of over 25 Christian Children’s books


“In GodPrints, Jenny Leavitt tells how life went from tragedy to tragedy. Yet through the pages, you’ll see how God was always there, pointing the way to a Colossians 3:12-type peace.”

Robin Luftig, Speaker and Award-winning author of God’s Best During Your Worst


Jenny Leavitt

As a pastor’s wife, Jenny Leavitt sees and is amazed by how far God will go to rescue broken, hurting people. She has witnessed God’s faithfulness through shattering loss and wants to encourage others to lean into Jesus in all of life’s ups and downs.

While her son Jacob is already home in heaven, Caleb daily makes her proud as he strives to love Jesus and be the man God called him to be. Jenny and Myron, her best friend and husband of nearly thirty years, make their home in central Florida with a dog who thinks she’s a cat.

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