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5 Tips to Help You Grow After Trauma

Free download with my Top 5, most recommended tips for experiencing post-traumatic growth in your own life! Feel free to share!

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10 Hope Filled Verse

We can all use a reminder sometimes about the hope that Jesus provides. Click the link below for my gift to you: 10 Verse to Give You Hope

We’re in this together, my friend!

10 Verses to Give You Hope


100 Eternal Truths

These are one-hundred handpicked scriptures that have helped me immensely when going through challenges, grief, and all of the other things life throws at me.

Some are short, some much longer. All are thoughtful, encouraging, or challenging and well worth the effort to meditate on.

100 Eternal Truths


Excellent Books to Help You Walk Through Grief

"Man's Search for Meaning" Book Review

“…An optimism in the face of tragedy and in the view of the human potential which at its best always allows for:

  1. Turning suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment
  2. Deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better
  3. Deriving from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.”

  From Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor e. Frankel (emphasis mine)

This book is a hard read on many levels: it’s written by a holocaust survivor who doesn’t shy away from hard realities. It has entire sections where Frankl discusses scientific ideas that are way above my pay grade, but he was a doctor before and after the war, so he knows what he’s talking about. All in all, though, it was worth the time to read–there were many times I had to set it aside and ponder what he wrote for a while before reading more.

Later in that same book Frankel asked the question, “How does a human being go about finding meaning? As Charlotte Buhler has stated, “All we can do is study the lives of people who seem to have found their answers to the questions of what ultimately human life is about as against those who have not.”

Our family doesn’t have all the answers, my friend. But we have been on this journey for a while and want to share with you what we’ve learned. We really do want to know how we can help you.

What questions do you have that keep you up at night? That plague your thoughts during the day? I think you just might be surprised to know you’re not the only one. 

Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help you find some answers.

There is meaning in this life and it can be found!

Get your copy of Man’s Search for Meaning here (affiliate link).

Helpful (and Hopeful) Devotional for Anyone Grieving a Loss

Book review:

Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love: Daily Meditations to Help You Through the Grieving Process by Raymond R Mitch and Lynn Brookside.

After suffering shattering loss, I received this little, but powerful book from a dear friend.

I’ve recommended this gem so many times that I buy extra copies to give out when a friend or loved one experiences a loss. It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch, broken up into short daily readings. It deals with practical issues from a biblical perspective.

My copy is highlighted and dog geared and shows lots of wear and tear. The authors have experienced a loss that cuts deep, but have also experienced the comfort that God provided during their journey through the grieving process to the other side.

There are 70 short meditations that I used as a companion devotional in my morning devotion time. To be honest with you, it took me longer than 70 days to go through it because I some days I just wasn’t up to facing the heartache that might surface though I’d experienced the healing that can come when a wound is addressed as it should be, some days I just couldn’t ‘rip the band-aid off’. So, instead, I just took my time, pacing myself, and letting the messages dig deep inside to help the hurting, wounded areas.

If your world has been rocked by the death of a close friend or loved one, I highly recommend this little book.

Get your copy of Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love here (affiliate link).

The Case for Hope

How do you move forward when life is shattered? When your world is turned upside down and you don’t know how to make sense of it all?

This book was one tool that helped me reset the anchor in my own life during the most brutal season I’ve ever gone through–the months following the loss of our son and the upheaval in our lives with our other son’s long road to recovery.

Lee Strobel is a former investigative reporter who has done extensive research on various subjects and published numerous books to encourage the body of Christ that you don’t have to chuck your brain at the church’s threshold to believe in God. There is plenty of evidence to prove that he is who He says He is and that His word has answers.

This book, “The Case for Hope: Looking Ahead with Confidence and Courage”, guides us back to Scripture for hope in dark days. 

I highly recommend it. I know my copy is dog-eared, highlighted, and shared with fellow hope seekers. If you have a chance, I encourage you to check it out and let it encourage you that life can be good again! And that one day, everything will be made new, and all wrongs will be made right. 

Get your copy of The Case for Hope here (affiliate link).

Uplifting Songs of Hope

Friday was only good because Sunday is coming!

Friday was only good because Sunday is coming!

Ever since GodPrints was published, I have had several people ask me how my health is doing these days. For several months, I could say, "Thank God I am doing well". But the last few months have been difficult again. Lest you think that because I have written a book,...

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The song you need to hear today

The song you need to hear today

Hi, friends, just sharing a song that's currently in my active playlist on repeat for its ability to remind us that no matter where we are, no matter how distant we may feel from God, or what we may struggle with— our loving Father is always pursuing us, even then....

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Jenny and Caleb’s Top Songs Since the Accident

Jenny and Caleb’s Top Songs Since the Accident

Hi friends, I love music and its power to bring hope and healing to our hearts. Both of our boys, Caleb and Jacob, have always loved music just as much (or more!) as I do. It has been one tool that God has provided to bring some really meaningful peace, hope, joy, and...

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Need Hope That Things Will Get Better?

Need Hope That Things Will Get Better?

Listen to this album on repeat! I'm so grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ who are passionate about sharing the goodness of God and how the Lord has helped them with others. The album, “When You Speak” by Jeremy Camp is one of those that ministers to listeners...

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Free source of hope for your soul

Free source of hope for your soul

Music! It has been a source of encouragement for me all my life, but especially in the hard seasons, like cancer and after losing our son, Jacob. I remember sitting in the hospital bed, weary of the cancer treatment back in 1998, tears streaming down my face, as I...

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