Welcome to the Leavitt Family Photo and Media Gallery for GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life


The pictures and media below accompany the “GodPrints” book in which Jenny shares her family’s story of finding God in the middle of life’s hurts. You are welcome to check out the gallery even if you haven’t read the book, but the pictures will be much more meaningful after reading the book. 


Chapter One

Our church family put together an amazing memorial service in Jacob’s honor.

Chapter Two

Christmas 1997. Jacob was one month old. I had no idea that cancer was ravaging my body.

Chapter Three

The “Rocky” drama at the neighborhood park. Myron is in the white t-shirt (“Rocky”) and Jeremy Meyer is the “Devil”. This is the same Jeremy Meyer that was hit by a car just three years before this picture and was declared dead on the scene, but God said otherwise!

Chapter Five

I wanted a family picture before I lost all of my hair from the chemo. This was taken in 1998 in between the first and second treatments. Within weeks, I had no hair at all. Anywhere.

Chapter Six

My senior picture, and me in the striped green tank top at a church camp out when I was sixteen.

Chapter Seven

That’s me wearing the auburn wig that I received so many compliments for. It was the replacement for the first one that I ruined when I grilled it.

Chapter Nine

Back into the ministry field, pastoring a small church plant in 1999.

Chapter Ten

I’m so grateful our boys grew up knowing, serving, and loving Jesus with fellow believers at Victory Chapel of Jacksonville, Florida!

This is the pool that met a tragic end by way of Jacob. Left to right: Aron Pierce, Caleb, Hannah Bonser, and that’s Jacob by the trampoline.

Myron and I were privileged to lead the Children’s Ministry for years at our church. That’s him as he concluded a special event the children put on for their parents and friends.

Chapter Twelve

In the middle of the toughest financial time of our family history, our dog Sherman brought us great joy

Chapter Fourteen

Caleb is certainly trying to act the part of his shirt, while Jacob is his normal happy self!

Pool parties at the Leavitt house!

Jacob publicly shared his testimony of being born again by Christ right before he was baptized.

Jacon and his best friend, Cody, at Cody’s high school graduation just a few months before the accident.

Jacob won an award for the most weight loss in a year with our weight loss group, TOPS.

I’m so grateful to have these pictures of our sons loving God in church service!

One of our last family trips was to Washington DC and New York.

Jacob was baptized just a few months before he met Jesus face to face.

Typical Jacob here at Camp Anderson youth summer camp in July 2015.

It was so cold in New York for these Florida boys!

What a precious memory now. Evangelist Steve Bowman gave Jacob a special word of encouragement just months before the accident.

Chapter Fifteen

Our last family Christmas picture. December 2014
Jacob was the last one to testify about what the Lord had done in his life at youth camp. This was less than two weeks before he met Jesus face-to-face.

Chapter Sixteen

Warning: Graphic Images from police files.

The truck that hit Caleb’s SUV.

The front end of Caleb’s Ford Escape. It really is a miracle that he survived.

Chapter Nineteen

Caleb and Jacob were raised in church and we were blessed to have some great memories of their involvement in everything from youth choir, youth ministry, concert ministry and drama, and all sorts of other events. Some of these same friends stayed with us for hours, even days, at the hospital and rehab facility.


Chapter Twenty-One

Throw back to 1992! That’s Myron on the left and our dear friend, Jeremy Meyer, on the right. They were the Christian rap group of Victory Chapel back in the early days!

Chapter Twenty-Two

Interested in reading the boys ‘self-published’ book, From Broken to Beautiful? Just remember, Caleb was 11 and Jacob was only 8 🙂

Jacob’s artwork got much better over time. He made these for me in 2013 and 2014.

This is one of Myron’s favorite pictures of the boys.

Me and the boys at Wild Adventures Theme Park—where we were chased by the chain saw madman on the haunted trail.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The church choir presented a moving visual performance of the song, “Matter” by For King and Country at Jacob’s memorial service. Jacob’s accountability buddy said the app showed he listened to it 17 times the week before he died.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Caleb had multiple therapy sessions everyday for weeks while he learned how to walk again and function all while recovering from all the injuries he sustained.

We were so grateful for the therapy dog’s visit. A ray of sunshine in a hard day.

Release day! After almost 12 weeks, Caleb was released to go home!

Caleb went back to the inpatient rehab several months later to thank these special ladies who worked so hard to help him recover as much mobility as possible.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Our family with the Martinez family Christmas 2016. Left to right: Jenny, Myron, Caleb, Veronica, Albert, and Yolie.

Chapter Thirty

Our family Christmas picture, December 2015, in Idaho.

Our new family addition, Buddy.

After Myron spoke at the Baccalaureate for Jacob’s Senior Class. This was the first time Myron publicly shared our family’s story (other than in our church). Left to right: Myron, Jacob’s good friend and classmate Hannah Bonser, Jenny, and Caleb.

He has shared our story at multiple venues since then.

Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Six

Jacob’s grave. It’s only his shell. He’s not there! Thank you Jesus!
The roadside memorial marks the spot where Jesus met Jacob face-to-face.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

My 40th birthday celebration was the last time all four of us would celebrate together this side of Heaven.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

My mom a few years before she passed away. Miss you mom, but we’ll see you soon!

Chapter Forty-Two

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