About Jenny

Hey there, friend.

After surviving stage four cancer, I thought I’d endured the greatest test of my life. No, not even close. It was surviving the death of my son, Jacob to a drunk driver, along with the threat of losing my remaining son, Caleb to catastrophic injuries sustained in the same accident.

What about you? What’s been the greatest test of your life? How did you survive?

Me? I survived by pressing into the love of the Father. By learning to hear His voice in more powerful ways than I ever had. By deciding with my husband, Myron that God had a purpose behind our horror. And he did! And DOES!

I’ve become an author; Myron speaks to hundreds of folks about what God has shown us and wants to show them. And Caleb is exploring ideas on how he can minister to those who have lost brothers and sisters.

There is More Hope than You Can Imagine

Do you feel it? That this world is not how it was meant to be? I feel it too. The good news is He’s made a way to redeem us and restore this broken world to the glorious creation He intended. We have not been left to simply wander this desolate wasteland while we wait for that Day. He walks with us, talks intimately with His children, and heals those deep wounds when we allow Him to.

I’m an underdog who loves other underdogs who come out on top. I love stories of the overlooked who don’t know how powerfully they are seen by the Father. I love stories of those who feel they’re of no value, then discover their worth is far greater than the most priceless diamond.

No matter what you’ve been through, no matter the lies you’ve been told, there is hope. Great, glorious, beautiful hope.

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Devoted friend, wife & mother

Grateful Jesus follower

Living life for the gift it is

Random Facts About Me

I’m a klutz. Seriously! I’ve broken bones and given myself a concussion due to my lack of balance and grace.

Put me in my garden and I’m a very happy lady. Well, as long as it’s not August in Florida in the middle of a record heat wave.

I love long walks and singing and have been known to combine the two!

Getting to know someone new is a serious treat for me.

I’ve been told I should sell my homemade desserts (and my hot sauce too!)

Sunflowers and daisies are the greatest flowers God ever made. I love them!

I love kids! I’ve worked with children in some capacity for over thirty years. Sunday school teacher, nursery worker, Children’s Church, and in my favorite role, as a mom.

I have 16 tattoos. Seriously, I do. Granted, blue radiation tattoo dots. My husband likes to joke with people about his tattooed-up biker chick wife.

I’m on a quest (with Myron) to visit all fifty states. We have less than ten left. I’d also love to visit all seven continents. So far, we have three: North America, Europe, and Africa.

What about you, friend? What makes you unique?

Contact me and let me know!

Integrity MultiMedia, LLC.

Do you know a father, son, or brother who could use a man’s perspective on grief, loss, survivor’s guilt, and overcoming life’s broken areas?

Our family’s heart is to come alongside the hurting who don’t think there will ever be brighter days ahead and help them find what we’ve already experienced: hope is available.

That’s why we created Integrity MultiMedia LLC.

Jenny loves to encourage others through her writing. Myron through speaking, teaching, and preaching. Caleb is currently exploring ideas on how he can minister to those who have lost brothers and sisters.

All of the Leavitts are passionate about Jesus and believe in sharing his love with everyone God brings into their sphere of influence. They will continue to “labor while it is yet day” to bring as many precious souls to heaven with them as they can.

Myron Leavitt

Myron is the pastor of Victory Chapel in Sanford, Florida, just north of Orlando. He also works in management for a security-monitoring corporation. He’s learned much in life through the School of Hard Knocks; yet those same difficult life lessons are what God has used to shape him into the man and leader that he is. The trials he’s experienced in this life have brought a depth of character and compassion for others that wouldn’t have come any other way. He has shared the family’s story to thousands over the years, from football stadiums to small in-home gatherings. He will continue to preach the Good News wherever the Lord leads and for as long as he’s alive. Connect with Myron below.

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Caleb Leavitt

Caleb Leavitt is currently an elementary school teacher in Orange Park, Florida. He’s learned that every day with God is a day of new beginnings. He endeavors to make the most of this second chance at life that God gave him as he trusts him to work “all things for good” for those that love him. He boldly shares his story of healing and redemption to anyone who cares to hear. Connect with Caleb below. 

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Why we do what we do

Our son, and brother, Jacob went home to heaven August 30, 2015. He was a typical teenage boy in many ways, but quite special in many other ways. The family is eternally grateful for the confidence we have that he knew Jesus personally.

Just weeks before he died, Jacob publicly testified in a Sunday evening church service about what the Lord had worked on in his heart at youth camp the week before, saying in part,

“I just want to thank you guys for supporting us teenagers because there’s no price tag you could put on seeing all these lives changed. There’s nothing you could sell, buy, or compare to all the lives saved that are gonna come out of this group. Really, one of the things that God hammered into my heart this past week was that religiosity will lead to you being bitter; it will lead to all these different things that cause you to eventually backslide….

Growing up in church we get in a routine of coming, raising our hands but keeping one eye wide open to see if Pastor’s watching…on Wednesday night, he preached on motivation, money and morality. He gave us these keys to success but at the end he said, ‘All these keys aren’t going to work unless you have Jesus…. Because your life means nothing without Jesus.’…

One more thing, if I can say anything to you guys, It’s please don’t give up on this generation. Because we’re here with lights in our hearts. A light that can’t be dimmed by anything that will ever happen.”

We miss you, Jacob, and can’t wait for our forever reunion!

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