Did you know that the word blog is actually the shortened form of weblog? When the internet hit it big, weblogs took off too and blogs became common place. Many blogs have the ability to automatically notify subscribers of new content or the author will send a newsletter with highlights or recent posts linked. That’s what I do so that my subscribers can pick and choose what they’d like to read from my blog each month.

Whatever the method, blogs are a great way to learn, share, and connect in a digital age. The problem can be similar to all other media… there’s so much out there, how do you know what’s good? What promotes a biblical world view? What is just not worth your time?

Today, I want to help you with that. While I tend to listen to podcasts and audio narration more than physically read, there are some blogs that I definitely feel are worth the time. I would love to add more faith based sites to this list, so if you have some great ones to share, please comment below.


For grief & overcoming faith related topics:

For Christian growth and/or resources:

For writers:

For Bible nerds like me:

For simplifying how many sites you follow, use a “Content Reader” like this:

Do you know any other awesome Christian blogs or newsletters? Share them in the comments below to help our community find them!

This is part of the Free Source of Hope Series:

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