Support groups have been helpful to me on many levels. There’s just something about meeting and connecting with others experiencing something like you that makes you feel understood and accepted.

If you’re not sure how to find a support group, I suggest you look to your church/pastor first. Then, feel free to check these out as well. (Here’s a thought, too: You can always start a group! Or meet with one person for coffee. You never know what God will do!)

One last note. I highly recommend in person support groups if possible. There’s just something about it that is more intimate and leaves me feeling like we’re all sharing the pain and working together to process it. In my head, I know that a virtual group is the same, yet, from my own experience, I feel more connected to my in person group.

You can always use your internet search engine (Google, etc..) to find more. I just caution you that if you’re looking for scripturally based resources, you need to enter that in your search request too. For example: Bible based support groups for dealing with loneliness.

I have written about my #1 grief support group recommendation here: The Question I Always Get Asked & the Thing I Always Recommend

In person group meetings. Search by zip code:

In person and online meetings:

  • Starlight Min Resources Starlight Ministries’ tag line is “Where hope outshines grief” and they live up to the name. I highly recommend their free downloadable grief resource. It is a manual for understanding grief with helpful guides and resources, including a whole section at the back with online support services. It is an outstanding resource and free for bereaved people of any loss as well as friends who want to help but don’t know how.

Other ministries with hope and healing focus, not just grief:

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