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I love music and its power to bring hope and healing to our hearts. Both of our boys, Caleb and Jacob, have always loved music just as much (or more!) as I do. It has been one tool that God has provided to bring some really meaningful peace, hope, joy, and even re-anchoring my faith since Jacob died.

Since the accident, Caleb and I continually share songs back and forth as they impact us—for good!

If you’re looking for something fresh to listen to that is not only clean but uplifting and encouraging, look no further! I’ve complied 150 for your listening pleasure! They’re in no particular order and even though 150 seems like a lot, it’s just a fraction of what we’ve shared over the seven years we started this tradition.

  1. “The answer” by Jeremy Camp
  2. “Amen” by Matthew West
  3. “Changed” by Sanctus Real
  4. “The sound of a life-changing” by Matthew West
  5. “Storm” by Jeremy Camp
  6. “Rescuer” by Rend Collective”
  7. “Weep with me” by Rend Collective
  8. “Heavens Shore” by Jeremy Camp
  9. “Point to you” by We Are Messengers
  10. “What mercy did for me” by Micah Tyler
  11. “Born to die” by Bebo Norman
  12. “War cry” by Social Club Misfits
  13. “No matter what” by Ryan Stevenson
  14. “Define me” by Johnny Diaz
  15. “Confidence” by Sanctus Real
  16. “While I wait” by Lincoln Brewster
  17. “Voice of a Savior” by Mandisa
  18. “What a friend” by Matt Maher
  19. “Marching on” by Rend Collective
  20. “Warrior” by Hannah Kerr
  21. “Bullets” by Need to Breathe
  22. “Here I am” by Down Here
  23. “I believe” by Stars Go Dim
  24. “Burn the Ships” by Four King & Country
  25. “Is he worthy” by Chris Tomlin
  26. “Break My Heart” by Austin French
  27. “I know a ghost” by Crowder
  28. “Heroes for sale” by Andy Mineo
  29. “I forgive me” by James Fortune and FIYA
  30. “Wherever I go” by Dan Bremnes
  31. “Even so come” by Passion
  32. “The journey” by Building 429
  33. “Love God, love people” by Danny Gokey
  34. “Fighting for us” by Anthony Evans
  35. “Better because of it” by Danny Gokey
  36. “Slow down” by Danny Gokey
  37. “Shattered” by Blanca
  38. “Shepherd” by Crowder
  39. “In your hands” by Unspoken
  40. “Yes I will” by Vertical Worship
  41. “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury
  42. “Dead man walking” by Jeremy Camp
  43. “Symphony” by Switchfoot
  44. “Blessed up” by Wande
  45. “So will I (Do it again)” by Cross Worship ft. Osby Bemy
  46. “Invincible” by Jeremiah Carlson
  47. “Wasted time” by Unspoken
  48. “Still alive” by Jeremy Camp
  49. “Your name is Power” by Rend Collective
  50. “Defiant” by Rend Collective
  51. “The God who stays” by Matthew West
  52. “I know” by Big Daddy Weave
  53. “Lazarus” by Sanctus Real
  54. “Turn on the light” by Big Daddy Weave
  55. “God only knows” by For King and Country
  56. “Grace that changes everything” by All Things New
  57. “Until you” by Danny Gokey
  58. “The Father, my Son, and the Holy Ghost” by Craig Morgan
  59. “Christmas in Heaven” by Scotty McCreery
  60. “I’ve got joy” by CeCe Winans
  61. “In the arms” by Terrian
  62. “Famous for” by Tauren Wells
  63. “Amen” by Micah Tyler
  64. “21 years” by Toby Mac
  65. “Until grace” by Tauren Wells and Rascal Flatts
  66. “Spend a life” by David Dunn
  67. “Welcome to the family” by Micah Tyler
  68. “Count me in” by switch
  69. “One day” by Cochran and Co.
  70. “Sing it from the Shackles” by Rend Collective
  71. “Still by Rend Collective
  72. “My weapon” by Natalie Grant
  73. “I trust you” by Jonathan Traylor
  74. “I’m sorry” by Zauntee
  75. “Wounds” by Jordan Feliz
  76. “Image of God” by We Are Messengers
  77. “Savior” by Social Misfits Club and Jeremy Camp 84
  78. “Never beyond repair” by Ever Found
  79. “Breakthrough” by Mandisa
  80. “Home” by Chris Tomlin
  81. “There will be a day” by Jeremy Camp
  82. “Already there” by Casting Crowns
  83. “Goodness of God” by Rhett Walker
  84. “Every victory” featuring Danny Gokey and the Belonging Company
  85. “We all need Jesus by Danny Gokey and Koryn Hawthorne
  86. “He is” by Crowder.
  87. “Jericho” by Andrew Ripp
  88. “My story, your glory” by Matthew West
  89. “Just like heaven” by Brandon Lake
  90. “Mosaic” by Ryan Stevenson
  91. “Scars in heaven” by Casting Crowns
  92. “Someone to talk to” by 10th Avenue North
  93. “Jesus People” by Danny Gokey
  94. “Stay Strong” by Danny Gokey
  95. “Ain’t it like Jesus” by Newsboys
  96. “Wonderful” by Cain
  97. “War” by Lauren Daigle, Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago
  98. “Unsung Hero” by For King and Country
  99. “I believe it now” by Sidewalk Prophets
  100. “In the arms” by Terrian
  101. “The Healing” by Blanca featuring Dante Bowe
  102. “Thank God for Sunday morning” by Cochran and Co.
  103. “Mansions” by Anne Wilson
  104. “You keep hope alive” by Mandisa
  105. “You get the glory” by Jonathan Traylor
  106. “Good to me” by Rhett Walker
  107. “Gospel Song” by Rhett Walker
  108. “No doubt about it” by We The Kingdom
  109. “When we fall apart” by Ryan Stevenson
  110. “Good God Almighty” by Crowder
  111. “He believes in you” by Danny Gokey
  112. “Stand in faith” by Danny Gokey
  113. “The distance” by Gary Levox
  114. “No hopeless soul” by Stephen Stanley
  115. “My Jesus” by Anne Wilson
  116. “Devil” by Anne Wilson
  117. “Friend of sinners” by We Are Messengers
  118. “Wonderful life” by Matthew West
  119. “Be alright” by Evan Craft
  120. “Weary traveler” by Jordan St. Cyr
  121. “God you are” by We Are Messengers
  122. “Too good to not believe” by Cody Carnes and Brandon Lake
  123. “Empty” by Tauren Wells
  124. “Brighter days” by Blessing Offor
  125. “Believe” by Blessing Offor
  126. “Worthy of my song” by Chandler Moore and Phil Wickham
  127. “Jesus did” by Newsboys
  128. “In our blood” by Dylan Scott
  129. “We come alive” by Jonathan Traylor
  130. “Who I am” by Ben Fuller
  131. “Good morning mercy” by Jason Crabb
  132. “Joyful noise” by Matt Maher
  133. “No hurt” by Casting Crowns
  134. “Run at the giant” by Jack Cassidy
  135. “You’ll be found” by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury
  136. “Graves” by KB and Brandon Lake
  137. “Where I’m standing now” by Phil Wickham
  138. “Almost home” by Mercy Me
  139. “Love me like I am” by For King and Country with Jordin Sparks
  140. “To not worship You” by Mercy Me
  141. “Won’t let me go” by Sanctus Real featuring Francesca Battistelli
  142. “Better days coming” by Mercy Me
  143. “Same God” by Elevation Worship
  144. “Cornerstone” by Toby Mac featuring Zach Williams
  145. “New name written down in glory/Jesus is mine” featuring Charity Gayle, David Gentiles, Danita Gibbs
  146. “Then Christ came” by Mercy Me
  147. “Always only Jesus” by Mercy Me
  148. “Don’t lose heart” by Steven Curtis Chapman
  149. “Still” by Steven Curtis Chapman
  150. “A hundred highways” by Zach Williams

What about you, friend? What songs would you add? Chime in the comments below and share with our community!

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