Dealing with grief and loss often feels like navigating a tumultuous sea of emotions. It’s a journey nobody wishes to embark on, yet it’s one that many of us will inevitably face. In times like these, having the right guidance and support can make a world of difference. This is where the book ‘Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One’, co-authored by Cecil Murphy and Gary Roe, shines as a beacon of hope and healing. Find my video review on the GodPrints YouTube Channel.

Introduction to Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe

Cecil Murphey and Gary Roe are renowned authors who have dedicated their careers to shedding light on the profound topic of grief and loss. Cecil Murphey is celebrated for his impactful work, such as assisting Don Piper with ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ and mentoring numerous individuals in their journey of healing. On the other hand, Gary Roe is a specialist in the realm of grief and has penned various insightful books on the subject on his own as well.

Exploring ‘Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One’

‘Saying Goodbye’ isn’t just another book on grief; it’s a profound little piece that offers solace and understanding to those grappling with loss. Featuring illustrations by Michael Sparks, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom and compassion. Its poignant messages and beautiful artwork create a nurturing space for individuals to confront their emotions and find a path toward healing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Coping with Grief

One of the most valuable aspects of ‘Saying Goodbye’ is its practical approach to dealing with grief. The book provides essential do’s and don’ts that guide navigating the challenging terrain of loss. These insights help individuals prepare themselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as they navigate the complex emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one.

Whether you’re grieving a personal loss or seeking to support a friend or family member through their journey, ‘Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One’ is a must-read resource that offers comfort, guidance, and a sense of companionship in times of sorrow.

Embrace the wisdom in this enlightening book, and discover a newfound resilience to face the challenges of grief with grace and strength.


Remember, you’re not alone on this journey; there are always hands reaching out to lift you up and walk alongside you.

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