“Mental Health” Music

I was listening to my local morning show on one of my favorite Christian radio stations, and learned two things: 

#1 May is Mental Health Awareness Month

#2 Christian musician Josh Wilson has a powerful testimony of overcoming addiction and mental health issues with Jesus and Therapy. He has an innovative way of sharing it in bite-sized pieces as he is releasing twenty-four songs in 2024! I LOVE this idea and so far, I’m also loving all the songs. What a way to bring the things we all battle into the open so we face them and allow healing to come in.

Exciting News!

Two VERY exciting tidbits to share….

#1: GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life”  won first place for Broadcast Media in the 2024 CAN Excellence in Marketing Award!

What an honor to be selected to receive an array of marketing packages as a result of this award. I pray that these will help us further the message of hope and healing after loss to even more who need to hear it!

#2: It’s a girl!!!! 

If you’ve followed me for a little while, you’ll know that our oldest son, Caleb, who survived the accident that took the life of our youngest son, Jacob, married his sweetheart, Crystal, in April 2023. We just found out it’s a girl! I’m so excited to welcome little Olivia Rae Leavitt to our family in November 2024. Here’s some pics:


Stay tuned for more exciting news and helpful reviews as we continue our journey! What about you, friend? Do you have anything exciting to share with our community? Comment below or email me privately at jenny@jennyleavitt.com.




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