Myron and I both grew up in homes that were, shall we say, not all they could be. Don’t get me wrong, we love our parents and they did the best they could with what they had, but in our growing-up years, none of them knew Jesus personally as their savior.

In our early twenties, Myron and I had a young family. I appreciated Dr. James Dobson’s efforts to help families return to God. Their radio program became a worldwide ministry, and I learned a lot from it and Dr. Dobson’s “The Strong-Willed Child” book.

Dr. Dobson has a free short email series that you can sign up for that I highly recommend if you have questions about your faith walk. It’s called “When God Doesn’t Make Sense”, and here’s the blurb about it:

“The Christian life is supposed to be wonderful, right? Aren’t we promised great riches, peaceful relationships and joy unending, but then when circumstances in life don’t add up, when it seems like God doesn’t make any sense at all, our faith can come crashing down. It feels as though we can no longer trust him because he hasn’t met our expectation.”

Here’s the link if you want to sign up for it:

“When God Doesn’t Make Sense”, Dr. James Dobson

Share in the comments any completed series that helped you in your life!

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