Hi friends!

I was reading the reviews of GodPrints the other day and noticed there is a 2-star review. I wish the reviewer had commented so I would know what they disliked about the book. Were they disappointed in the writing? Was the story hard to follow? Was the message too strong for them? We’ll never know.

But I would love to know what you think! Have you read GodPrints? Or maybe heard the audiobook version?

Would you be willing to leave an honest review… preferably with a sentence or two about what you thought? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Reviews are crucial for helping prospective readers decide if the book is worth their time.

It only takes a few minutes and would be a huge help. (By the way, you do not need to have purchased it to leave a review anywhere. Just read it 😊)

If you’re not sure how to do a review, I created a helpful how-to post a while back to help:

Confidence in a Book – Your Review Can Help

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