Reviewing the survey results made me more aware than ever of how much we need this community of fellow believers. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts, challenges, and hopes with me. I consider it a great privilege that you would do so.

Over the next several months, I will offer resources and help to answer the common questions and direct you to additional aid. I can tell you that by far the #1 issue common to many in our community is loneliness. To fight the feeling of isolation, I am working on some ideas. Can you complete a brief survey to help me suggest better resources?

As a thank you, all who complete the survey will be eligible for a drawing to win an audiobook of GodPrints. I have notified all of last month’s winners, but they are welcome to take part again. If you win again, instead of the audiobook, I will send you a signed printed copy. 😊

Here’s the survey

Thanks again!

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