How have I not heard of this resource before?

We are almost eight years out and I just learned of this phenomenal book.

After walking the grief journey with others for years and hearing repeatedly, “Please write these things down for us!”, author and counselor Gary Roe did just that. The chapters are brief to help us digest it. He gives practical examples of how to implement what you learn in everyday life as well. I am especially grateful for the Christian perspective to help us process and understand grief in healthy and responsible ways.

The book is further divided into sections on how grief affects emotions, health, relationships, and spirituality. Over and over, Gary provides grieving people with hope:

You are not alone.

You are not crazy.

You can survive loss — and even thrive!

What a great resource for processing grief in a healthy Christ-honoring way. I highly recommend it. By the way, friends, Gary also has several other resources available, including some for those who have lost a sibling. Here’s the eBook on Amazon and here is the link for the paperback on Amazon.

What about you, dear friend? Have you discovered any books or resources that have helped you on this grief journey? Share with the community in the comments below or email me directly. I may highlight your recommendation in a future post!

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