What an amazing honor to be a part of what God is doing through our family’s story.

If you’ve read any of my posts here, you know about the book I wrote, GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life. I candidly share our struggles with losing our 17 year old son, Jacob, and then watching our oldest son, Caleb, persevere through his near death to the healing he walks in today.

You also know that our family’s desire is to help others who find themselves in traumatic situations find the same comfort and hope we found in our faithful God.

Our Pastor has said, “There are no big shots in God’s kingdom. Only little shots that keep on shooting.”

That’s so true. We recognize there’s nothing special about us that you can’t experience or have for yourselves. I will say this though: we settled it years ago, that no matter what comes our way, we will serve God. That has proved to be an anchor of steel supporting us when we couldn’t stand on our own.

While I wouldn’t wish tragedy on anyone, I am so grateful that our God is able to use our testimony to encourage the bereaved. We were surprised when Pastor Roman Gutierrez reached out to Myron in April. Pastor Gutierrez is quoted (by some of Jacob’s own writings) on page 95 of the book and has an amazing testimony of his own of how he has died twice before giving his life to Christ.

But this phone call wasn’t to discuss Pastor Gutierrez or his testimony. No, unfortunately, he was reaching out because of a family who suffered the devastating and unexpected loss of their own young son. With our support, he used portions of the book and our story to bring a word of encouragement to their church.

I’ve included the link below in case you’d like to watch it. More than anything, though, please join me in praying for this family as they navigate the turbulent waters of grief.

And please let me know (or the whole community via the comment section below) if you need prayer for anything. That’s what this community is all about, dear friends.

Together with you on the journey to hope and healing,



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