By Yolie Martinez

Some would say we had the perfect life. We were pastoring a church in Orlando, Florida. Our kids were homeschooled. We were in God’s perfect will. Life as we knew it was great.


In one second, our lives were flipped upside down.


A drunk driver slammed into us and our 2 youngest children flew out of the window. My son died instantly, my daughter clinging on to life.


Some would think we are exempt from any bad thing happening. We are serving God, why would God do such a thing?


We decided to carry on the work of God and Trust Him with our future. We held on to our faith and sought God for healing.


Seven years later, we are still powering on in the ministry, but God is using our pain to help others that are going through the same pain.


Grief is one of the hardest emotions to go through. It’s a dark valley that seems to have no end. Some call it the “new normal “.


Our world may seem as if it’s falling apart, but that’s part of the process. God’s goodness is evident throughout our journey. If we learn to trust Him, we will find peace, even in the midst of chaos.


Reading the Word of God was one of the greatest healing mechanisms for me. It brought life and purpose to my life.


My heart is singing again. God has carried me through and I can say my life is full again with God’s joy, love and peace.



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