Listen to this album on repeat!

I’m so grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ who are passionate about sharing the goodness of God and how the Lord has helped them with others. The album, “When You Speak” by Jeremy Camp is one of those that ministers to listeners right where they are. There’s no fluff here; just real life and real truth. 

Without further ado, here’s my in-depth review:

  • “All of the healing in the middle of the hurting…” These lyrics from the very first song, “Can’t Take Away”, caught my attention and made me pause and really consider the rest of what Christian musician Jeremy Camp has to say. The heart of this song is one reason I can confidently endorse this record. Jeremy reflects the heart of a man who has experienced deep hurts in life and yet found healing through Jesus. 
  • The second song, “You See Me”, reminds me that being genuine in the everyday struggles of life can bring freedom if we take those struggles to the God who sees each one of us and knows what we’re going through.
  • The third song, “Getting Started”: If you only listen to one song on this album, this needs to be it. I can’t tell you how many times I have put this song on repeat. What a glorious reminder that it doesn’t matter where we find ourselves, even in the broken-hearted places of life or those well-hidden deep wounds. God is still walking with us and just getting started on the healing that he wants to bring.
  • The next song, “One Desire”: I feel like this was definitely written during the time of COVID! It talks about being weighed down by all the cares of this world and ‌ allowing them to steal our joy, but then recentering our focus on what we’re really “chasing after”. We can find that hope and peace when we look to God. He’s the one who can rekindle that fire in our hearts when we make him our one desire.
  • The next song, “Steady Me”: From the very first lines…. “You never said I wouldn’t feel pain. But You said you’d be with me to the end”, this song is a great reminder that Jesus never promised us easy street. He never promised us that when we give our lives to him, everything will be perfect. That we would have no more troubles or experience loss or brokenness. He did, however, promise that he would never leave us and never forsake us. 
  • I know the song “When You Speak” is probably the most well-known because it’s been so popular on the radio. However, I want to challenge you to listen again and really pay attention to the lyrics. What lies are you listening to today? What areas of your life do you need to hear the Father speak? Will you allow Him to do that?
  • The song, “No Rain”… Wow. What a great perspective the chorus reminds us of! How is a garden supposed to grow if there ain’t rain? I know I’ve found out that how you process life is everything. This song challenges me to consider how I am processing life. Will I let those hard times grow me into a better person or will I shrivel up and die? Or maybe drown in the deluge of rain instead of seeking help? The choice is mine. 
  • The lyrics of the song “Here With You” feel like they are written as a letter from Jeremy’s heart straight to me…and you. Let it be an encouragement for when you’re going through those times in life; you have friends. You are not alone.
  • “What Love Has Done”: This song helps me remember one of the greatest tools that we have: gratitude. It will help us refocus our thoughts on things that will actually benefit us, not weigh us down to despair. For me personally, thinking along these lines can totally shift my thinking from focusing and dwelling on the negative things that happen to me or that are going on around me and remembering the great things that God’s love has already done. And when I remember those great things that have already happened, I have hope for the future that He’s not done yet. 
  • “Break Your Promises”: I love the reminder that God never breaks His promises. This song dovetails perfectly with the last song which reminds us He never breaks His promises. We have hope for a glorious future in heaven, but we also have hope that He will navigate all of life’s trials with us in the here and the now. 
  • The song, “Consumed” asks the questions: What thoughts do you entertain in your mind? What do you dwell on the most? This song reminds us that as believers, we don’t have to be consumed by worry or the cares of this world. We can take them to God. Let this song be our heart’s cry right along with Jeremy. 
  • “Anxious Heart”: First off, I absolutely love the guitar in this song! Second, have you ever struggled with anxiety? I know I have battled with allowing my mind to run away with anxious thoughts. I won’t spoil it because I want you to listen to this song, but he gives a very practical way of dealing with our anxious hearts. 
  • “This Too Shall Pass”: Let the words of this ballad sweep deep into the crevices of your parched and barren soul–especially in those times when you just can’t make sense of life. We can hold on to His promises because all of this will pass one day. None of this is forever.

So dear friend, if you can’t tell, I really love this album. Once again, Jeremy Camp is using his talents and abilities to reach out a hand of healing to his fans, to the lost and the hurting. I hope you can listen to it and let it minister to you. I know it has ministered to me. 

My favorite line is in the song, “No Rain”, when Jeremy proclaims, “I found Heaven when I went through Hell”. I can attest to that in my own life. What about you? I’d love to hear what you think after you listen to this album! Reach out and let me know!

Remember, friend, there’s always hope for the hurting and healing to be had for those who seek it.


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