I saw a sign recently that said, “What’s the best news you’ve ever heard?”

The first thing that came to my mind was …

The best news I have ever heard is that this world is not all there is… There is so much more!

As believers in Jesus, we have a new Heaven and a new Earth to look forward to in our future.

We’ll be reunited with our loved ones because of what Jesus did for us when He took our punishment on the cross. For me, I was like a dying person with my blood draining out of my body but then the lifeblood of Jesus gave me a transfusion. That precious Blood not only allows me to experience eternal life in Heaven one day but also gives me abundant life NOW. 

Not to mention peace deep inside that comes from knowing that I’m forgiven, and on top of all that, I now have hope that all things will be made new soon. He will restore everything we’ve lost (and more!), and renew this fallen world to the glorious creation (and creatures!) we were meant to be from the beginning of time.

In short, He will make everything right again. Not because I deserve it. I don’t. But because of His unfailing love and great mercy.

Now that’s the best news ever!

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